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Globalization is taking a toll on family connections
Young people are looking for better opportunities, leaving their homes and parents behind. As a result, it becomes crucial to ensure the happiness and well-being of our elderly loved ones.

However, regular calls don’t always give us a complete picture of their emotional and physical state, as they may not want to burden us with their problems.

innovative voice driven solution that aims to cater to the needs of your elderly relatives
Stay confident that your loved ones are regularly giving feedback on their condition, even if you can't always be there to call
Have peace of mind knowing our AI-based analytical core will highlight health problems you might otherwise miss
Rest assured that if something happens, Vibe Caring will call neighbors or emergency services
Here'show it works?
our AI-based voice assistant calls your relatives
it then asks a series of questions to assess their emotional and physical well-being
the platform sends notifications to you and any designated medical staff or clinics
this helps you stay informed about your relative's wellness 24/7
What do you get?
for staying up-to-date on your relative’s mood & well-being
for important moments in your loved one's life
self-observation diary
for doctors to monitor their condition
Meet your care team
  • Ksenia
    CEO, Co-founder

    • 10+ years building voice-assistant for healthcare
    • Co-founder Speech Platform — Skolkovo IT startup for Voice Ai robots
    • 15+ years of experience in IT, natural language prosessing and AI
    • Cambridge
    • Higher School of Economics
    • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Almira

    • 15+ years GTM, Business development and Marketing Expertise
    • Hands on experience in go-to-market strategy and business development.
  • Dr Samar

    • Public Health Specialist, with MBA in Hospital Administration
    • This unique blend of medical proficiency, technological acumen, and a passion for education defines Dr. Husayn's impactful presence in the fields of healthcare and AI.

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